Coming next to Tate Liverpool

If you ask me what’s going on with my art at the moment my default setting is “not a lot”. I keep forgetting that my default setting is incorrect. I have a trumpet to blow… in fact I have a whole horn section at my disposal at the moment. I keep forgetting to value myself as an artist and keep forgetting my own sense of creativity is worth something. If I haven’t made anything new for a week or two, or feel I’m lacking in direction with my creativity, this doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. I need to keep perspective and look at the wider picture.

So what is happening with my art at the moment?

My art is showing next week (and available to buy) at the Tate Exchange Liverpool.

I’m just saying that again because it really won’t sink in otherwise…. Tate. Liverpool. Tate. Tate…. one of the biggest gallery names in UK art. Tate.

My art has never ever been to such a prestigious UK gallery before. I’m really excited! The whole collection Do Snails Believe in Reincarnation? is up for grabs as part of the Venice Vending Machine  exhibition and series of talks. Here we’re considering the question ‘How do you value art?’
You can read more about that here:

Or visit:
Tate Liverpool
Albert Dock
Liverpool Waterfront
Liverpool L3 4BB


Finders Keepers 8

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