It’s been a while…

I keep telling myself to write a blog entry. There’s so much happening though that I haven’t found the time. I used to write about my art every time I made something, or conceived something. Today I have to be more select about what I share. Client confidentiality with some of my photography and video work means it can take a while before the things I create end up in the public domain. By the time that arrives my brain has moved on and I’m working on something else. For example, today I’ve been making some very small books for [censored]. I can show you the work in progress here but I can’t tell you about [censored] or [censored].

Over time it has meant that this blog has morphed into something more irregular in purpose. So what can I tell you about?

Well, next weekend I have some art showing at the Secret Art Sale in Twickenham. This is my third year in this annual exhibition. A few years ago one of my sketches found itself next to the wonderful Quentin Blake. This year my name is next to Tracey Emin in the catalogue. But the names aren’t the important thing here. Instead it’s the accessibility of the art to the general public that is key. Every artwork is exhibited anonymously and costs only £40. You don’t get to find out who the work is by until after you buy it and all proceeds go to the Environment Trust. Such excitement at picking up low cost collectible art by famous, infamous,regular, and irregular artists means there’s often a queue to get in and see what’s on show. The exhibition is only open on 15th and 16th September too so it’s a really innovative and interesting experience. I don’t know of any other exhibition in the UK where just being at the front of the admission queue, with £40 in your hand, means you get to own something that would normally cost hundreds. Of course I can’t show you what I’ve got in the exhibition.

You’ll have to look through the images in the catalogue for yourself and see if you can identify what’s mine. Click here to browse.
Or see the full list of artists here
Or alternatively, pop along to the Secret Art Sale and see for yourself at:
The Exchange, TwickenhamTW1 1BE
More information is over on the website HERE.

Back to the little books then. I reckon I can tell you that by the very end of November they’ll be completed and in the public domain. Watch this space…