NAWR in Pontardawe

Today I’ve been working with teachers in the Pontardawe area showing them how to use the iPad more creatively in the classroom. It’s not hard. The iPad is child’s play so why do teachers feel they need training?

Teachers have such a workload that sometimes the main thing they’re missing is thinking time. Working upwards of 50 hours a week and switching constantly between roles and responsibilities is taxing. Teachers and creative practioners need calm and quiet to develop ideas and initiatives. They need space to knit together innovations and theories with the students they encounter.

Today’s workshop has given everyone involved the time to consider how the camera on the iPad can be used to tell stories, spark debates, create enigmas, and develop visual communication skills. We looked at how the simplest of words can evolve into a full project and how to tell stories in a short sequence of images. We also looked at what can go wrong with the technology and how you can work in creative ways around this when you have a group of knowledge-hungry students in front of you.

Our participants are now itching to get back to the classroom and weave iPad magic into the curriculum.  Good luck! In a few weeks it will be the turn of teachers in Narberth, Pembrokeshire to learn all about Photoshop Express on the iPad.