NAWR in Narberth

Today we were in sunny Pembrokeshire at Oriel Q Gallery, Narberth delivering Photography and PS Express on the iPad for NAWR Arts and Education Network. This workshop was for teachers who wanted to learn more about photography on their iPads and how to get to grips with PSExpress.

It’s always interesting when you get a mix of skills and abilities. Some participants just needed a few pointers and ideas whilst others hadn’t really explored creating with the iPad. Working together we explored a range of possible activities which can be used in the classroom. This group of education specialists were fully open to extending, developing, and adapting their skills to fit the needs of their pupils.

Throughout the day I overheard comments and conversations such as “I can see how this activity would work with this type of student, but how about we adapt it like this to work for a student with these specific needs.” Whomever said education is a ‘one size fits all’ system clearly hasn’t met these intrepid and inventive professionals. Empowering participants to improve their existing knowledge base, have the space to become more innovative, and share best practice, is what contemporary teachers in Wales are all about.



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