Goodbye Melanie Ezra, Hello Melanie Honebone

A little while ago I got married and yes, I have decided to change my name to that of my husband.* So as you can imagine, I’m changing a few things in my life in order to move forward. I might always be Melanie Ezra to you but I am very definitely Melanie Honebone to me.

Naturally I have a few outstanding engagements as Melanie Ezra which I’m more than happy to embrace. The final outing that I will have under my old name will be with The Workers Gallery in the Rhondda. I’ll be in residence at the end of this month creating some new work under my old name. I’ll also be delivering some new work under my new name… I think! Let’s face it, I’m still me doing me-type things regardless.

The paradox of identity is not the topic I’ll be discussing in my work at the gallery, although I’m more than willing to make you a cuppa and have a chat with you about what it could mean. As my own narrative is changing, I’m developing my agenda for the day around Ten Little Stories. 

Stories are always with us. From when we are small we tell ourselves tales and write narratives for others to make sense of our lives. The best stories are from memories, shared experiences imagined as pictures in our minds. They are told as anecdotes to friends who ‘should have been there’ and shared with smiles socially amongst those who were.

On November 30th in the Worker’s Gallery will be Ten Little Stories told through repurposed photographs in tiny book form. My story here is in making these tiny tales. Your story might be finding them in the gallery, hidden amongst the art of others. What tales do they tell? Can you find them all?

Tell me a story, your story, any story – in pictures or in words. Join me. and say goodbye to Melanie Ezra and hello to Melanie Honebone. I’ll be at the gallery 11am til 4:30pm

The Workers Gallery
99 Ynyshir Road
CF39 0EN

Melanie Ezra 10 little Stories September 2018.jpg


*Because together we’re a really strong team, a strong brand, and what would make you assume that Ezra was my maiden name anyway?