Next Stop: Leeds!

I’m really pleased to share the news that some of my work will be featured as part of the Venice Vending Machine 8 at Art Hostel in Leeds tomorrow and Friday. This new exhibition is curated by Marina Moreno in conjunction with Seeding Art Currency curated by Janine Sykes, and supported by East Street Arts.

Although this is a new exhibition it’s not something I’ve had to submit work for. The unique nature of the Venice Vending Machine Exhibition means that the vending machine contains some artworks previously available at the Tate in Liverpool in July. Some of my artworks shown there went to new owners but I have no idea how many; that’s the beauty of the vending machine concept.

It’s like a lucky dip of arts and artists. It seeks to present and promote emerging and already established artists during prestigious art events, whilst reflecting and opening a dialogue with the audience about the value of art in our society.  It’s essentially a conceptual live-art installation cleverly conceived and created by Venetian artist Marina Moreno back in the summer of 2010.

My whole collection Do Snails Believe in Reincarnation? was available in Liverpool and some is now available at Leeds. The Venice Vending Machine is a project that travels to prominent artistic sites worldwide responding each time to a different theme, determined by the place where it exhibits whilst growing as an international union of artists and reputation. Who knows where it will end up next? Being part of such an exciting adventure is about embracing chance as my art steps out into the unknown.

These snails started, and ended, their lives in my garden. As artworks they first travelled to Workers Gallery in Ynyshir for a brief showing, before now travelling the world. It tickles me to think that my reincarnated snails are living a life as art far beyond their original geographical locations.

Thinking of the Workers Gallery. Don’t forget to join me on Friday for my next residency. Read all about that HERE.



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