13 Bad Pennies

I’ve been asked to make some ‘bad pennies’. The figurative and historical meanings of the phrase could be considered but instead I wondered about what would it mean for a penny to have a bad personality all of its own.

These grotesque clay faces are more akin to gargoyles. Each Bad Penny is based on the largest British coin in common use – the £2 coin, so are no more than 3cm diameter. On the reverse of each Bad Penny is imprinted a reversed reverse side of the £2 coin. This continuous reversal of fortunes means each Bad Penny is destined to constantly return to its own miserable fate.

Three Bad Pennies have been selected at random for showing with CollectConnect  in London for some time in 2019. More on this will be announced soon. The fate of the remaining ten Bad Pennies remains to be determined. Some may encounter damage, be lost, or find themselves showing at other exhibitions. Either way, as these freaks of misfortune vacate the studio they will not be missed. For these 13 Bad Pennies there is no welcome return.


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