Heads Up!

With a new designated studio space I’m really starting to make headway with this new artwork now. I’ve been following on from my first impressions from my Bad Pennies into Good Pennies (see blog entry from March 4th) and creating more in a similar vein.

The original four Good Pennies from the other day are no longer in the studio. Instead they are undergoing a secondary process outside in the garden. This project will be growing, both literally and figuratively, over the coming weeks. I’m not sure how long this will take to figure out but I am determined to grow with this artwork and get myself back into a creative head space.

My art used to start with a photograph and grow from there. Over the last twelve months my creative process has ended in photography instead. I think this will still be the case since I have no desire to keep these tokens. I feel the need to retain only photographic evidence of their existence.

I am collecting, evidencing, and witnessing rather than creating with an aim to exhibiting.