Failure is Part of the Process

I’ve been growing my art over the last few weeks; literally. I’ve taken the clay pennies that I created the other week and growing them in a mossy patch in the garden. These Good Pennies are prints from the 13 Bad Pennies I created at the end of last year.  The original Bad Pennies were released into the world as part of the Love Tokens and Bad Pennies  exhibition curated by Collect Connect.

Releasing Bad Pennies into the world unsettled my karma a little. Why would I release these little things of badness when I wish no ill will to the world? To restore the balance, I plan the release of my Good Pennies to work in harmony with the world. They’ve spent 12 days outside growing moss and decomposing a little before I take them further afield.

At least that was the plan.

I didn’t bargain on Mother Nature doing her thing so efficiently. We’ve had a fortnight of heavy storms here so the air drying clay I used has decomposed a lot faster than anticipated. Rather than a slow-growing project which I can photograph over time, I’ve ended up with something a lot faster than expected. The faces of these Good Pennies are all but destroyed and the moss has worked its way into every crevice. All the paint has deteriorated and these mushy lumps of white are all that is left.

I’m not deterred by this failure. Failures such as this are part of the process of learning. I’ve already thought of a few workarounds which should slow down the rate of decomposition. I simply need to remake the original Good Pennies and go again.


One thought on “Failure is Part of the Process

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