Track and Trace

Yesterday afternoon I went back to the forest to trace where my Good Pennies might have ended up. I left at home the location reference photographs I’d taken the previous week, to force my brain to try and track my Good Pennies from memory. To an onlooker I appeared to be doing some kind of bizarre movement exercise. One moment I would be staring motionless at a tree only to turn quickly and take three paces towards another. Later, I’d be slowly leaning as if I was doing Tai Chi. I did quite well, only forgetting the location of one of the ten Pennies. As I revisit over the coming weeks I’m hoping this memory exercise will become easier but I am sure to doubt myself as the Pennies gradually disappear.

After only seven days, two were missing from their original location. The others were all pretty much in situ where I’d left them. Some have been pecked at by birds. Others are gaining a coating of mud and are being slowly eroded by last week’s volatile weather. The photographs here compare Good Penny #5 from week 1 (on the right) with week 2 (left).

In my head I’ve planned a month of weekly visits to the Good Pennies forest. I want to keep visiting until they are all missing or decomposed beyond recognition. I guess Mother Nature will decide the duration of this project.