Time will tell…

Some are lost and decayed beyond all recognition now but they’re still there. My clay Good Pennies are still lurking in the woods nearby. I’m wondering if I go back in 6 months how many will have dissolved away to nothing and decayed back to the earth from which they came.

I think then of the other man-made things I’ve been passing for years. For five years I used to walk down a suburban back lane on the way to work. Every day I would see an Action Man hanging precariously from an overhead telegraph cable. He’d been launched with his parachute and become entangled in the wires. Every day he hung there, his plastic features permanently suspended in mid-air. Another three years it would take before a storm finally broke his cotton strings and he fell to the ground.

A wooden lollipop stick sat next to an old wall  was there for two years before it moved three feet down the road. What moved it? Why now? Then one day it was gone.

As I walk to work I always watch and wonder. Due to relocation my commute is now different. I’m seeing things that seem permanent and others that are in transition. An orange peel lay on the edge of a road for almost 10 days before moving on. A tiny yellow dinosaur moved 20 yards the other day and is making his way towards the graveyard.

I have ten clay Pennies left. They are a mixture of Good and Bad, rejects and demos, lingering in my studio without a home. I’ll be painting these up over the weekend in more unnatural colours and considering where I can leave them along my commute. This will be a long term venture. Perhaps I’ll just leave one new penny each week and see how they weather. Will they move? Will they disappear? Will they stay and decay? Only time will tell…


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