Now showing…

My latest collection of Headstones is now showing exclusively at The Workers Gallery in Wales. I’m not exhibiting a lot in galleries this year so this is pretty much your only chance to see these pieces in the flesh and get a chance to buy these strange little creatures. Other planned exhibitions for later in 2019 will be in Rochester NY, Edinburgh UK.

I love the Workers Gallery because it is the kind of place that still believes in little artists like me, and championing access to art for anyone and everyone. These days I avoid the stuffy traditional art world and instead favor shows and locations that think outside of the white cube space. As an artist I feel it is my duty to challenge myself and the conventions of the world around me. The Workers Gallery have always encouraged me to believe in experimentation, and believe in myself and my own abilities.

Visiting the gallery today really helped inspire me to move my art forward. It’s been a long journey for me during the last year or so in trying to find inspiration and purpose. I’d previously felt my relevance and reasoning were waning. But now I have ideas and visions about the next step in the Headstones collection. Thanks to today’s drive over the Maerdy Mountain, I think my mojo is finally back!