The Secret Art Sale 2019

I’m really pleased to announce that this weekend I’ll be showing at this year’s Secret Art Sale in Twickenham. It’s an annual show run by, and raising money for, The Environment Trust. This amazing organisation is a nature and heritage conservation charity based in the south east of Britain.

Now in it’s fourth year, this is an exhibition with a twist. All artworks are for sale and are only £40 each. All the money goes directly to the charity and the artist receives nothing. So you can imagine having a quiet time at the show and seeing something you like and getting it for cheap? Well sort of. In reality, it ends up a little less relaxed and a little more frenetic.

The show has been attracting some big names since its inception and this year is no exception. Celebrities and renowned artists show side by side with locals and students. The art is sold anonymously and you only find out who the artist is after purchase. This means you can bag something potentially worth thousands for only pennies. In previous years there have been queues of buyers waiting to get in. This year’s names include  Emma Thompson, Roger McGough, Ken Howard, Peter Davison, and Quentin Blake.

In 2016, in the first ever Secret Art Sale, one of my sketches ended up shown next to Mr Blake’s work. I’m not sure where my art will be this year and I definitely can’t tell you what art I submitted. You’ll have to flick through the catalogue of artworks yourself HERE and try and match what you see to the artists’ biographies HERE.

If you’re in the Twickenham area this weekend then it’s worth having a look. Best arrive early though. The queues of collectors and lucky visitors might beat you to a Melanie Honebone picture before you blink!

Obviously I can’t show you the art I’ve submitted so instead here’s a screengrab of four pieces from the Secret Art Sale catalogue. I think I’ve guessed two of the artists featured here but I’m not sure I should tell you…


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