The Experimental Art Market

I’ve been considering the value of my art for a while now. I’ve been thinking about who buys art and how to communicate with buyers, whilst also deciding whether the buyer themselves is relevant in the process.

In August I created What is it Worth? which is currently hanging at Workers Gallery in Ynyshir. Here I am asking potential buyers to name their price and decide for themselves what my art is worth. I’m deliberately allowing viewers to name their price in order to allow the market to dictate worth. I have no idea if there are any bids or offers for this piece yet. Perhaps I’m priceless, or perhaps I’m worthless. The goal is to engage potential buyers in the process of valuing art and discovering what is a realistic value in the current economic climate.

At the opposite end of this experimental art market is the Venice Vending Machine project . I’ve been involved with Venice Vending Machine since its first inception back in 2011. All art vends at the same price, and through dialogue with the curator art buyers are rewarded with a tiny piece of art no bigger than a few inches in diameter. Art is dispensed at random, which brings a sense of equality amongst the participating artists. Gone are any high art ‘elitist’ notions. The playing field is totally levelled and everyone participating is equally valued.

This Vending Machine has travelled all over the world and the latest iteration of the project will be at Hamilton House, Bristol, towards the end of November. Artists are asked to consider what market and value mean to them. Entry into the Vending Machine is free so submit your art HERE.

The traditional art market has always been a game of chance. The buyer, the artist, and the gallery all have to match at exactly the right time to make a sale. Both the Venice Vending Machine, and What is it Worth? are subverting these traditional routes. I’m changing the dice and altering the rules of engagement to bring the value of what I create more in line with what real people in the real world can afford. That’s definitely worth something to me as an artist, I just hope the buyer agrees.


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