Coming soon to USA, London, and Wales!

My own personal art practice is just that, it’s personal. I don’t mind where it exhibits or even if it does exhibit just as long as it’s out of my head. I create mostly for me as a way of expressing things I need to get out. I can’t always explain why it looks like it does, it just is.

Sometimes my art escapes and takes on different forms which is a great thing. I’ve always described myself as a renegade so I rarely hang onto one discipline or theme for too long. I’ll take the risk and experiment on ideas and forms just to see where it takes me. I like to include myself in a small selection of annual art shows which challenge my practice and encourage me to think beyond my current practice. These shows raise funds for charities and galleries but also challenge the perceptions of the general public.

So far 2020 has produced four such challenges. In April, I’ll be exhibiting in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, at TAE20. I’ve created a postcard sized artwork to be sold in aid of Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs. Then in May, two tiny mixed media sculptures will be showing at the Unsettled Gallery in London as part of the Sentinel Trees exhibition (more on that soon).

Also in May I’ll be exhibiting in London again as part of The Art of Caring. Now in its sixth year, this exhibition celebrates the work done by those in caring, nursing, midwifery and coincides with International Nurses Day. I’m putting the finishing touches on my submission for that this weekend so I’ll share the results with you soon.

Finally, I’ve already submitted the picture below for 6x6x2020 at Rochester Contemporary Arts Center in upstate New York. This collage from some of my old sketchbook material is one of three pieces which will be sold in aid of the gallery.

I’m also still showing here in Wales at Glynn Vivian Art Gallery as part of the Swansea Open until the middle of next month. 2020 is turning into a busy year for exhibitions already!


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