Collaboration, Ideology, and Symbiosis

I’m writing this whilst waiting for clay to dry on my latest piece for The Art of the Doll. As this new series evolves I will be adding more to my Instagram account rather than continuously updating this website. Follow me on Instagram HERE.

I’m still keen to go digital as far as possible with The Art of the Doll. I like the idea of turning something totally physical into a digital-only presence. The sculptures themselves have so far been only temporary, with all materials being recycled and reused to create further pieces in the series.

The theme throughout my art career has been one of construction and deconstruction. I’m happiest when I’m distorting, evolving, diverging, and reforming. I’ve always felt as if I’m working outside of time itself, in a strange and uncanny world only half visible in the shadows behind me. My art is starting to explore this temporal disconnect. I’ve always felt most comfortable to be on the outside looking in; a traveller passing through the daily norms of society on my way to my own space beyond.

This year, I’m determined to travel my art far and wide through collaboration with other artists and musicians rather than purely in the gallery setting. I want my creations to have an artistic, intrinsic, soulful value to others just as much as they do to me.

So far in 2020, images from my previous series Future Fossils have appeared in the music video for Nove Note in Nero by Goldbringer. If The Art of the Doll is to emerge in physical form then I want it to be through a symbiosis with other artists. Meanwhile, I’ll focus on making and remaking. I’ll get back to my clay then and see what strange opportunities emerge.