Automata (2016)

This series explores a range of themes through the creation of mixed-media Automata; a series of  explorations into making the inanimate animate. Each automaton is a mixed media construction consisting mainly of newspaper, wood, and doll parts. The artworks are designed to be interactive through a system of gears and handles.

I have no political or psychological motive here other than to experiment what feels uncomfortable for the viewer. Fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar are the greatest fears of all. They breed an unnecessary discomfort and mistrust in others. These Automata are not designed to be soft or gentle in their attitude. They are here to challenge and question. Some viewers may see concepts around gender whilst others may see language and form. My intention is not to guide or influence but to allow each Automata to act as a dark mirror to the viewer’s own psyche.

Influences include Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein which discusses principles surrounding reconstruction from the inanimate. I’m imagining the failed attempts that Frankenstein must have made before he achieved success. The book, of course, explores ideas on death, and rebirth whilst my Automata were never alive to begin with. The way Frankenstein’s creation is received is very much according to a stereotype and a fear of the ‘other’. The way my automata are being received is also thanks to a stereotype. Some people believe there are sinister motives and dark fantasies within my creations but actually it’s more a clinical curiosity as to how an audience will respond to something they feel is uncanny, unbalanced, and somehow ‘wrong’ Any sculptural artwork needs to be seen from multiple directions so each piece in this series will be accompanied by a video with music and direction by Ben Honebone. Click on THIS to see footage of the latest artworks in the Automata series.

Meanwhile, a series of photographs are available of these Automata. See below for some of this range or see more by clicking HERE.


‘Corset’ [detail] mixed media automaton 20cm x 15cm x 8cm


‘Divided’ [work in progress]


‘Marionette’ mixed media automaton 20cm x 8cm x 20cm


‘Cradle’ [detail] mixed-media automaton 20cm x 15cm x 20cm