Melanie Ezra Workshops I deliver bespoke art and photography courses for community groups and individuals.

Millennium Images Contemporary photography agents dealing with my art photography. They work with many organisations supplying my images for magazines, advertising and especially book covers through the world.

I’m working with Stone Letter Media who create music videos, artwork, graphics and production for anyone and everyone. Current clients include South Wales based bands goldbringer, and Malum Sky.

Ben Honebone writes his own blog with ideas on art and music. Together we created a body of work based on Ben’s photographs under the title Structured Chaos. We’ve shown our collaborative art in exhibitions in the UK and Serbia.


And these awesome Facebook arts and music people  TwitterArtExhibit Art PL+ SArTConneKtHentai Corporation…. for more check out my Facebook page


3 thoughts on “Links

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  2. Hi Melanie,
    You won’t remember me, I was on the Photential couse you were running with Lee in Garnswllt.

    I was just talking to Lee and he said you were doing workshops? I’d be very interested in details of any workshops you might be running.

    John Spalding

    • Hi John, I remember you. I’m planning some courses at the moment through various agencies. Hopefully i’ll have some news on that soon. M

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