Melanie Honebone is a Wales-based fine artist who works using her own original photographs to create beautiful and intricate artworks. She often works in collage and in series, providing visual responses to external stimuli such as literature, science, and music. She considers herself a specialist in the deconstruction of time and the extension of the moment.

Until late 2018 she exhibited her artworks nationally and internationally under the name Melanie Ezra. Her collages and photographic works have shown at Studio Voltaire London, as well as galleries in Germany, Italy, Brazil, and several shows in New York and in Minnesota. Her work is in private collections all over the world. Her output is prolific, as is her inclusion in shows both internationally and at home in the UK. In 2014 alone she featured in 18 group shows, curated 4 UK exhibitions, and showed as a solo artist in Shrewsbury UK. This year exhibitions have included London, Denmark, and Australia.

Recent works have evolved her practice to include three dimensional mixed media art forms based on dolls, mannequins, and the human form. The theme is always deconstruction and reconstruction, whether this is through a photograph or through her mixed-media works.

Melanie openly describes herself as a ‘renegade arts experimentalist’ and is happy dabbling in anything that pushes her work to the limit and broadens her own potential. In an alternate universe she is also a freelance educator and provides photography workshops. In her spare time she produces music videos and photography for Stone Letter Media, is attempting to learn Welsh, and likes to stroke cats.


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