“Fantastic – very hands on.” Amy-Jane

“Was inspiring and great fun – lots of ideas to work with back at school.” Sara

“It gives me a different perspective on things and is really enjoyable.” Angela

“The course opened my mind to photography. I was pleasantly surprised at what I’ve discovered. The tutors were marvellous.” Taryn

“Great ideas for everyone! Brilliant innovative activities for all ages.” – Wendy

“This was a brilliant experience.” – Makenzie

“A massive increase in self-esteem and creativity. Our pupils have a ‘cannot-do’ attitude, but Mel and Ben created an environment of ‘yes you can do’!!” – Dawn

“I particularly liked the way the course encouraged creativity with no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to take a photograph. Excellent instructors.” – Alison

“I didn’t think I would enjoy this course as it’s not really my thing but as it goes I really enjoyed myself and I’m considering doing another course.” – Gareth

“This is a beautiful project and it involved the children and their families in creating the very evocative photographs and artworks, as well as having some fun in the process” – Judges for the Best Collaborative Arts Project [Building Better Healthcare Awards]

“Very friendly and understanding of our pupils complex needs 🙂 ” – Dawn

“Fab four weeks, sad it’s over 😦 “- Gemma

“Amazing Course. Instructor is good fun and very informative. Had an excellent time.” – AnneMarie

“Fantastic Course. Just wish it ran for longer.” – Ceinwen

“An amazing day. Total fun. Brilliant Activities.” – Phil

“Inspired to continue with more photography to see what I can come up with. Awesome fun day.” – Charles

“Being out and about in new areas is great fun and it’s a bonus to be able to document it with photos.” – Jay

“Time went too quickly” – Terry