Art Reveal Magazine VM4 Goes to Hamburg” by Art Reveal Magazine. An online article about the Vending Machine Exhibition at Hamburg Altonale, of which I am one of the participating artists (July 2016)

Newspaper Article “Artists across the water linking up to create talent showcase” by South Wales Evening Post. A news article about the exhibition at Swansea College of Art showing artwork made in collaboration with artists from South Wales and Devon. (June 2016)

Newspaper Article
 End of an Era for Swansea Contemporary Art Collective” by Mark Rees. An article in the South Wales Evening Post art group Fifteen Hundred Lives and my involvement with the collective. Features an photograph from my Automata series (May 2016)

Newspaper Article Gower Photography Course Helping Brain Injury Patients Recover” by West Wales Chronicle. An article sharing the success of the Bringing Gower Home project (April 2016)

Video article The Bagpuss Window” by Melvyn Williams. An article examining my creative practice. Filmed during my involvement at The Bagpuss Window, a semi-derelict anarchic artspace in Swansea (September 2015)

Blog Review The Empowering Melanie Ezra” by Alban Low. An article about how my artwork for The Art of Caring exhibition was influenced by my community photography workshops (January 2016)

Review Photography Event at the Gower Heritage Centre…” by ASDES. An article about how participants affiliated to ASDES enjoyed their photography workshop. Delivered as part of my Bringing Gower Home project (December 2015)

Review Children’s art helps centre scoop top award by Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board (November 2015). An article about how Hafan y Mor childrens’ Development Centre achieved success through participation in one of my workshops.

Newspaper article “Putting Swansea on the Map” by Jenny White, South Wales Evening Post (August 2015)

Review  There Be Dragons! – Swansea Artist Map & Trail An article by AmeriCymru all about the artist’s map I created with Rose Davies. This map was commissioned and  published by Sampson Low, London (May 2015)

Review Melanie Ezra: Caer Hecsagon for Dwell Exhibition, London, UK (February 2015)

Review Artists and Exhibitors for Couture Fashion Week, New York (February 2015)

Review Odds and Ends Mondays… by Chris Erskine. A beautifully written article telling me not to be so hard on myself! (February 2015)

Newspaper article “Collaborative Project between Swansea and North Devon Artists…” by North Devon Journal (January 2015)

TV article for Kaspikara in the Arts exhibition. This article contains a discussion about my artwork with the Honorary Consul of the British Embassy in Cali, Simon Ford. By Felipe Acevedo Morales, Canal 2, Colombia (December 2014)

ReviewWelsh Band Joined by UWTSD Creative Support Act” An article about my collaborative working practices with other creatives in South Wales. By Steven Stokes, UWTSD, Swansea (November 2014)

TV article for Syracuse Fashion Weekend, NY by William Orozco, Canal 2, Colombia (October 2014)

Video article Melanie Ezra: Sources of Inspiration by Lee Aspland, Photential (September 2014)

TV article for Couture Fashion Week, NY  by William Orozco, Canal 2, Colombia (September 2014)

Blog review about my collages and the philosophy of my work by ESMERALDS fashion production company New York (August 2014)

Newspaper “Swansea Art Heads to the Big Apple by Mark Rees, South Wales Evening Post. (August 2014)

Review of ULS 17th Art in Miniature Exhibition by Galerija Radova, Croatia (Summer 2014)

Brochure for 6th International Festival “Intercultural Dialogue through Serbian and International Artistic Expression” Valjevo, Serbia (May 2014)

TV article for Habitat exhibition by Lakeland News at Ten, Minnesota USA (December 2013)

Video for the opening ceremony for Pinhole Patagonia, Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina, (May 2013) 

Video for the opening ceremony of  Exposição Arte com Sentido Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (March 2013)

Video detailing the photography workshops I provided for Phototales (2013)

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