Chronology (2013)


‘Autumn 5236’ paper collage 6″ x 6″ based on galaxy NGC5236

It always starts with a photograph. The photograph, after all, is the ultimate boundary between Art and Science. To artists it is a creative tool, to scientists a way of recording observations visually. The camera never lies. It records tiny moments of truth to form the photograph. This tiny snippet of time however does not tell the whole story and is not testament to an entire event. It is this concept that Ezra works with when creating her collages. She deconstructs the photograph down to its elemental components to rebuild a better version of events to give a more rounded interpretation of the truth.

With her Chronology series she studies imprints of past galaxies and their impact on our present through collage, mixed media, and printmaking techniques. The spiral not only occurs at a galactic level connecting events past and present, but it also is inherent at a biological level in every living being. Through deconstructing the photograph to create collagraphs and collages Ezra dismisses the idea of the Time as linear and shows us that the spiral is a truly universal measure.  Everything is connected in time and space. We may feel at a local level that we exist through photographs and new media but in reality the universality of the spiral is our only habitat.

The full Chronology series can be seen on Pinterest and on Flickr


NGC 3627 Galaxy Imprint

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